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This site - brings back Wonderful Memories

The Pictures of yourself, Rich, John and Allen bring back some wonderful memories of when I was young and would schedule my nights off from work so Jim, Mom and I could be one of the first ones in the door at Joey's. There were many good times shared with family and friends (Birthday parties, anniversaries, graduations etc) The Hospitality was GREAT, the food was EXCEPTIONAL and the young kid from that time grew up to be one of the best ENTERTAINERS in the area. I'm looking forward to seeing YOU and the BAND in MAY. I can't believe that "young kid" will be 50 in OCTOBER!!! As they say: "It's Funny How Time Slips Away". Wishing YOU, Kathy and "the Girls", much happiness Always!

We were the "OPENER" for Sha Na Na!!!

Hello All, I Met Joey in 1980, and was convinced hewas a real talent. Invited him to the stage at Painter's Mill Star Theater (we opened 2 shows for Sha Na Na) and he has not looked back. I'm proud of Joey's career and even more proud of the incredible job he has done with his two young daughters. Respects....Gene

Joey... We're Missing you!

Hi, Joey! We miss U!! Sorry we haven't been out in awhile. Life has been getting in the way of living lately. But, I think of you often and I wish you sooooo much success with the website & everything else! It looks great! You always show us a good time when we can get out. And, you are one of the nicest people I have ever known. I'm blessed to be able to call you a friend. We'll be out soon to catch a show. Take care and lots of love, Cindy

Joey - Rox and Poodle Skirt!!!

Been to many Joey Performances with and without "the Jammers"... One of my first memories was the first time I saw Joe and sister Rox Perform together, she had on a poodle skirt, neck scarf, saddle Oxford shoes and he had jeans and a white T-Shirt, sleeves rolled up, his hair was fixed like those of the fifties style (even though Joe is much younger than that era). They were on stage at Saint Clare's Church in Essex and he and his sister were singing "the HAND JIVE" (His Favorite!!!) and the BAND (A close friend Gene's Band) Looked just like the heros of the GREASE ERA... May Joey Keep Jamming and forever be SUCESSFUL. He and his family are Beautiful People!!! Love, Marie, Jim Brown and Family

Karaoke with Joey is THE BEST!!!

Well you know I loe you!! I think we met about 3 years ago now and you have become such great friends through the years. I love to come out and sing Karaoke with you , some of my best times have been singing wherever you are. I think I have followed you as far as Harford County which is a hike but I would follow you anywhere! You have become more than just my favorite KJ, you have become one of my very best friends!! I would recommend to anyone if they want to come out and have some fun than come out and sing with us and become part of our family!! Love you bunches!!

Four Years of FUN!!!

I have known Joey McCaan for about 4 years now. Joey has brought alot of joy into everyone's life including mine. I joined Joey every Thursday and Sunday night at the Blue Lagoon for pro show karaoke. Man did we have a blast on those nights. It seemed no matter how i was feeling, Joey was always there to put a smile on my face. Through many ups and downs with his loving daughters, he never missed a night. I brought the girl i was dating at the time to one of his shows at the lagoon. I guess you can say I introduced her to karaoke. A couple months later, I took the girl i was dating to the lagoon for another karaoke night. But this night was so different. Joey called me up to sang and i sang the song by Darrell Worley " add another limb to the family tree ". After i sang that song i immediately announced that I was goin to be a daddy, yea that was a shocker to everyone. i then took a knee in front of all our friends and asked Jennifer for her hand in marriage, yes another shocker. To make along story short. Jennifer and I had our lovely baby girl on march 26 of 2008 and took each others hand in marriage on July 12 of 2008. Joey did our wedding reception and helped us out tremendously. We love you Joey and our prayers are always with you and your family. Keep spinning them records and we will keep singing.

Love & Happiness

A Few Kind Words...

My "few kind words" are that I remember first seeing you play as Joey & The Jammers and I have great memories of having fun when you were playing. You are just as great now as you were then, as a karoke host, singer and all around great person. Miss you at Rockabilly's - hope to see you real soon - maybe even this weekend. Ya just never know.

Take care of you.

Joey Makes Singing a LOT of FUN

Joey is one of the best Dj's I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He makes singing a lot of fun. And he makes you sound pretty good, even if you normally don't, hahaha!!! On a serious note, I have enjoyed Joey's show numerous times and always have a blast when he's around. He makes everyone feel special. And Joey, even though Doug and I aren't there every Thursday to support you, I want you to know it's great to have you back. We missed you.

Saw Joey For the First Time - Awesome

We saw Joey for the VERY FIRST TIME - last night at Catches... awesome SHOW DUDE.

Hope to see you soon!!!

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