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Hi You incredibly Fantastic, Talented, Beautiful, Gorgeous, Handsome, Discerning, Intelligent Web Browser you! Thank you for visiting my Web-Site!! Remember, this is my first attempt at my own web-site and this will be a work in progress!

I’m counting on your input to help me make it easier for you to come out and PARTY with me!! For those of you looking to Book a Band, DJ, Karaoke Host, or any other kind of entertainment, Including ME, my Talent Agency “Top Notch Talent” is at your service.

If you are one of the Many Fabulously Talented Singers that make me look good 6 nights a week by sharing your Gigantically, Awesome, Mellifluous, Voices, You have found the gates to Singing Shangri-La!! Step through if you will to find tonight’s Location to “GET YOUR SING ON” with Joey McCann “The Music Man” and Joey’s Pro-Show Karaoke and DJ Show, an Appearance by my Band “Joey and the Jammers” Or whatever the scheduled Event of the night provides.

I’ve been singing professionally for 35 years now, over 8500 Pro Shows, between My Bands, Karaoke and DJ Shows and over 900 Weddings, Bullroasts, Restaurants, Concerts etc.,although I love fronting my Band and other Bands like Gene Vincentt and the Cadillac Cruisers 15 piece Show-Band. Nothing gives me more joy than listening to a variety of great singers having a ball doing Karaoke.

Every night is new and different and I look forward to seeing my Family of Singers as often as possible! There is also something to be said for the nights when I do a strictly DJ show for a dance or Party, when it is just the DJ and the crowd and the Music to be played. Can I make them dance? Can I give them the best 4 hours of their life? Can I entertain them? Can I make them laugh? Can I make them cry? Will the party go 5 or 6 hours instead of 4? Please come out tonight and find out!!

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Much Love, as Always, Joey McCann.

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Joey Is ONE great Jammer!!!
Gosh, Was Joey really that YOUNG once?
Girly Man Hair - On the ONE on the Middle
Sha-Na-Na @Painters Mill
Tara - ROCKS!
Joey, With the Platters
Foxy Tracy!
Asher - Strikes a POSE
Billy - GROOVE ON!
Sweater's gone - WHAT NEXT?
No Pictures, PLEASE!
Curt & Tracy - Catches
Kirk & Debbie - Great FUN
Laura, Rachel, Kirk and Chris
The Roman Empire

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